Top 10 Trending Nail Paints You Must Try in 2021

Author: Shreya Singh

Stuck with old nail colors that don’t really excite you anymore. Apparently, Red, coral, and pink are universal colors and look pretty on everyone but that doesn’t mean that you have to cling to them when you can try out the latest nail polish colors that make you renowned among your squad, college, and even at your work. That’s why we have combined some gorgeous trending nail paints you must try.

I know, following the trend is not always a good idea unless nail paint colors are so strikingly beautiful you can’t get your eyes off them. The good news is, we have put together some top-notch nail color ideas that will look mesmerizing on your beautiful hands.

If you are anything like me that has an obsession to try out different nail colors and even grab every nail paint shade you can get your hands on then baby treasure is coming on your way. Because these trendy nail colors included hypnotic unique nail paint colors that you must try to beautify your long pretty nails.

I think It’s time to uncover trending nail colors to put you in the best light.

Trending nail colours

10 Trending Nail Paints You Must Try

Do you also look down at your nails and think what is the next color you want to try on? But at that time your mind is not open to come up with exciting and new nail paint colors and finally you drop the idea to get stunning nails.

If you experience the same tragedy sometimes, here are some of the best and trending nail paints you must try.

1.    Dior Incognito

Looking for a neutral nail polish that compliments every outfit you have in your wardrobe. Dior incognito is the best choice for you. It comes in a dusky pink color more like a nude color with a hint of gray.

The modest shade looks mesmerizing on your perfectly shaped nails. The best thing with the Dior incognito is it has a creamy texture that glides on your nails like magic and it appears to be a combination of matte and glossy texture when it dries out.

Secret Tip: If you have decided that Dior Incognito is the perfect choice for you, then my friend here is a secret tip for you, use the best nude matte lipstick for your lips because it makes a killer combination that is going to make you look more attractive.

Top 10 Trending Nail Paints 2021

2.    Zoya Megan

Another neutral nail color blended with gray and a hint of purple that looks alluring on nails. Its soft and creamy matte finish looks attractive on most outfits so that you don’t have to change your nail color accordingly.

Zoya Megan nail paint gives full coverage in one stroke, but if you want your nails a little darker gray you can go for 2 strokes.

Secret Tip: So you think  Zoya Megan is the best nail paint for you, but see wearing attractive nail paint won't do everything for you, but finding a perfect combination of lipsticks and nail paints can be a miracle isn't it, you should go with baby pink lipstick for your lips if you have decided Zoya Megan for your nails.

Top 10 Trending Nail Paints 2021

3.    Orly Moonchild

Looking for a perfect nail color to adorn your nails with. Orly Moonchild nail color looks like it’s blended with white gold and shimmer that looks magnificent on your manicured nails.

The best thing is orly moonchild comes with a nourishing formula that keeps your manicured nails healthy and doesn’t peel off and leaves a stain on the nails. Go get your nails painted with orly moonchild and make it a great day.

Top 10 Trending Nail Paints 2021

4.    OPI Infinite Shine Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet

Want durable gel colors for nail OPI infinite shine nail paints has the whole range of Mesmerising glossy colors for you. But first, let’s talk about the trendy bright yellow color that instantly puts you in the limelight with its glossy vibrant yellow color.

OPI Infinite Shine Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet is a vibrant yellow color that has a glossy texture that doesn’t need any artificial or sunlight to spread its shine.

Top 10 Trending Nail Paints 2021


5.    Essie Nail Polish Glossy Shine Finish Good As Gold

An alluring nail color to decorate your pretty shaped nails for an outgoing look. It is blended with tiny simmers that don’t overwhelm your look with too many sparkling tiny lights but gives you a subtle gorgeous look to embellish your beautiful hands.

Essie nail polish glossy shine comes with a runny texture that easily glides on your nails and gives you full coverage only with a single stroke. It doesn’t peel and ruin your pretty nails.

Top 10 Trending Nail Paints 2021

6.    OPI Nail Lacquer Salmon Sand

Whoever is in love with neutral nude nail colors OPI nail lacquer salmon sand is here to embrace. It has a sheer nude pink color with a hint of gray that looks appropriate for every occasion and outfit.

OPI Nail Lacquer is neither fully matte nor not fully glossy, in fact, it has a unique texture that gives you a semi-matte finish with a bit of shine.


Top 10 Trending Nail Paints 2021

7.    Essie Nail Polish Glossy Shine Finish Dressed To The Nineties

A Dark blue holographic nail paint that has a mixture of glamorous, shiny, and shimmery nail colors. Essie dressed to nineties gives your nails an exotic look that perfectly harmonizes with your party outfits.

The best thing is even Essie dressed to nineties color is dark, you don’t need to be worried about your manicured nails. If you love you experiment with glamorous nail colors you need to explore top holographic nail polishes to adorn your look.

Top 10 Trending Nail Paints 2021

8.    CHANEL LE VERNIS Longwear Nail Colour RHYTHM

Glam up your nails with an ultra-bright blue nail color with glossy texture. Chanel le Vernis nail colors give you a durable glossy and enthralling shine with its moisturizing formula that intact beauty of your manicure nails for long.

Chanel le Vernis rhythm has a dazzling bright blue color that makes it one of the best nail polish for fair skin.

Top 10 Trending Nail Paints 2021

9.    Dior Vernis Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer in Junon

Bluish gray is the color that keeps you in the center of attention wherever you go. Dior Verni’s gel shine & long-wear nail lacquer has buttery formula that glides on your nails effortlessly and set up for bewitching everyone.

The beauty of Dior’s nail lacquer lies in its amazing moist formula that doesn't let the nail color fade away and peel off unless you remove it with a nail paint remover.

Top 10 Trending Nail Paints 2021

10.                  Revlon Nail Enamel in Totally Toffee

Gorgeous brown nude color comes in anti-fade technology gives your nails a semi-matte finish with a little spark of gloss. There is no perfect time to wear this demure nail color because it looks great on all of your favorite outfits and colors.

Top 10 Trending Nail Paints 2021
In this article, I have shared some of the best trending nail paints you must try in 2021. I hope you enjoyed reading about glamorous nail colors that everyone won’t stop asking, Hey girl what is the nail color.


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