Best Ways to Stay Happy All the Time

Hey, do you
think that it is difficult to maintain a beautiful smile on your face and live
each day happily?

Well, that’s
not true at all. It just sounds difficult but it is actually quite easier than
you think.

Agreed that
there are lots of things that happen throughout the day in one’s life. But
there can be no good reason to compromise with your happiness in order to make
others happy. Be it school, office or even internal family problems, it is
necessary to handle them happily.

Also, you
can increase the rate of your happiness in your daily life without placing much
effort from your side. There are just a few things that you will have to change
or add in your day to day activities. And soon you will be able to visualize
your happiness rising.

So here are
the best ways that you should follow in order to stay happy all the time:

  1. Think positive
  2. Try exercising
  3. Give yourself lots of time
  4. Concentrate on the present
  5. Start doing something for yourself
  6.  Meditate daily
  7. Engage yourself in some good activity
  8. Keep yourself busy
  9. Eat healthy, stay healthy
  10. Search for your happy spot
  11. Do not give others much importance
  12. Appreciate little things
  13. Get some good sleep
  14. Avoid comparisons
  15. Spend your time with good company
  16. Listen to something exciting
  17. Avoid social media
  18. Talk your problems out
  19. Place a smile on your face
  20. Do good to others
  21. Keep challenging yourself

1. Think positive

What you think about, is
what happens.

When you focus on the
positive part of anything, you always get positive results. No matter how tough
something is, positive thoughts always give happy results at the end.

Whereas negative thoughts
make you feel sad and do not encourage you to try new things or accept the
things that happen around you.

Be it relationship, work or family problems, it is necessary to look at the positive side of each of them. Also instead of complaining or asking about why it happened to you, better tackle the problems in the most positive manner you can. And you will soon start living a happy life

2. Try exercising

Exercising is the solution
to lots of problems of which one is that it can make you happy. When you
exercise the good mood endorphins are released and your mood gets better due to

If something is bothering
you or you get disturbed by things quickly, then you should definitely start
exercising. Even if you go for a walk down the streets or go for some actual
workout daily, it will keep you away from depression.

And yes another hidden
benefit of exercising is that it will keep you physically strong as well.

3. Give yourself lots of time

It is necessary to take
out sometime for yourself from your entire day.

Whenever you feel that
you are going off the track it is good to talk to yourself. Be it at any hour
of the day, just sit down for a while and talk to yourself about the good or
bad things that are occurring in your life. If you feel that you want to cry,
then cry. Also if you feel like laughing, then laugh out loudly.

This is because when you
give yourself a chance to console yourself you will be able to get up and walk
towards your dreams faster.

4. Concentrate on the present

Living in the past or
complaining about things that happened to you previously will take you a step
down in your life. It will make you demotivated and no longer encourage you to
do or try something new in your life.

The more you concentrate
on the things that are happening with you today, the happier you will become.
Learn to focus on the things that you have today and not on what you lose

And this will soon make
you realize what a special and happy person you actually are.

5. Start doing something for yourself

Another best thing to do
in order to stay happy is to find out something that you like and do it.

There can be lots of
things that you might have done for other people in your life. So it is now
time to do something for yourself.

Start doing some activity
that you have been craving for since long. Or that entertains and satisfies

Once you start engaging
yourself in such activity you will feel more focussed and your daily life chaos
will also start getting better.

6. Meditate daily

Meditation is the cure to
lots of problems. It gives you inner peace and also makes your mind as well as
body calm. As a result of which you can be able to live in the current moment
and stop worrying about the things happening around you.

Meditation will make you stress free and mentally strong. So that you will be able to look at the positive part of your life.

7. Engage yourself in some good activity

The good things you do in
your day-to-day life give you great results in return.

By good activities I mean
that you should try to start doing something you love. No matter whether you do
it for someone else or for your own self but do it.

When you start spending some of your time in doing some good activities like volunteering, exercising, trying some sport, cooking, dancing, singing, etc. you will feel extremely happy. You can even take out sometime from your entire day and spend it on your hobby.

8. Keep yourself busy

There can be nothing
worse than an empty mind’s thoughts. Whenever you do nothing your mind will
come up with lots of weird thoughts. And generally most of those thoughts would
be negative ones.

Hence, you should always
try to keep yourself busy with some work. This work could be of any kind such
as doing something you love, some office or school work, taking care of your
home, exercising, walking, writing, etc.

9. Eat healthy, stay healthy

Healthy food has healthy

It is necessary to eat
light and healthy food that is full of vitamins, proteins, nutrients and also
satisfies your body. Such foods keep your body calm and encourage you to do
more work happily.

It is okay to eat the
junk food some days in a month but you should avoid going for it more
frequently (daily).

Also you can even opt to
have some snacks during the daytime in between your meals. Because it is quite
obvious that when you are hungry you may get angry faster.

10. Search for your happy spot

Searching for your happy
spot is another best way to stay happy. There might be some space at your home,
office, or in your city where you can totally open up.

Just search that place
and visit it whenever you feel low or unhappy. And remember to be yourself at
that time. Do not think about anything else. Focus on what you want and think
about how to fulfil your wishes.

And this will make you
refreshed, livelier and happier.

11. Do not give others much importance

Another best way to stay
happy is to stop giving importance to other people in your life.

Generally, if you always
give importance to others or do things for others, it is quite likely that they
will hurt you. Most of the people who are in your life do not actually care for
you. They just exist for their own profit. And when you are of no use to them,
they may hurt you.

Thus, you should learn to
filter out those people who are actually concerned for you. And then you can
give them your precious time. Rather than wasting your entire time behind the
people that do not care for you.

12. Appreciate little things

So how many times have
you been happy for the things that have happened to you or for what you have?

Rarely there might have
been a time that you have appreciated or even focussed on the little things
that happened to you. You should learn to be grateful for the things that you
possess instead of complaining or asking for more.

Just take a moment and
thank as well as be proud of yourself that you have got an experience which is
different from others.

And this will make you
feel lucky and happier.

13. Get some good sleep

Compromising with the
quality or quantity of your sleep has a negative impact on your body and mind

When you do not get
enough sleep you may feel depressed and it will also keep you demotivated.
Whereas a good sleep will encourage you to communicate with others and do your
work happily.

Moreover, it will attract
positive thoughts towards you. As a result, you will be able to pass your day

14. Avoid comparisons

When you will compare
yourself with others, all that you will get is disappointment. It will always
make you feel sad.

Hence, instead of
comparing yourself with others, it is better to compare yourself with yourself.
And for this you can write down your previous achievements, activities and
goals and compare them with the current ones. You can do it every month or

And when you will see the
results, you will feel extremely happy.

15. Spend your time with good company

Spending your time with
happy people or with the people whom you love will make you feel happier.

Mostly, whenever you feel
a little down just sit down with a good friend or family member of yours and
share your feelings with them. You can even plan to go somewhere good with
someone whose company you enjoy.

This will make you feel lighter and energetic also.

16. Listen to something exciting

This is a very old and
popular method to make you feel happy instantly.

Anytime you feel low,
just grab a sit, search out for some funny videos and start watching it with
all your concentration. Be it a funny movie, comedy show, cartoon film or even
a web series just watch it. Also remember to forget about the rest of the world
for that period of time.

And soon your mood will get rocked.

17. Avoid social media

The use of social media
is quite common but when you are not in a good mood it is better to avoid it.
This is because when you watch other people’s social media posts and videos you
may get disappointed. These posts leave a negative impact on your mind.

And you may start feeling that you are no good. Hence, instead of watching social media posts it is better to take a day off from them and spend your time on some offline activity.

18. Talk your problems out

If some person or
something is bothering you, then it is best advised to talk it out. You can
talk about your problems with that person and try to sort it out as soon as

Because when you discuss your problems with others you may get a solution to it in many different ways and also be able to solve it easily.

19. Place a smile on your face

Even if it is fake, a
smile on your face will make you look happy. It will force your mind to feel
happier. And you never know, a smile on your face may even make someone else’s
day happier.

Hence, no matter however down you feel, just try to place a smile on your face the whole day.

20. Do good to others

There can be no better
feeling than the one you get when you have done something good for someone. It
is not necessary that if you want to make someone else happy, then you will
have to spend lots of cash on them.

You can volunteer or feed someone or gift something nice to someone. And all these won’t require much time or money. Just do something according to your capacity and you will feel extremely satisfied and happy.

21. Keep challenging yourself

Lastly, always keep
challenging yourself. And try to get over all the situations as soon as
possible. Just let go off the failures and successes and think that you are the

And you will soon realize that you
are happy and lucky.


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