Best Things to do in Your Free Time

A 10-15 minutes break in the office or school can get over
easily. But when you get a break of a couple of days from your work or studies,
you get stuck with the thought of how to use this free time.

Besides, everyone has a different taste in life. So the
best things to do in the free time varies from person to person. Because some
may like to spend their free time by writing, travelling, reading, painting,
etc. Whereas others may even prefer to kill this period by doing nothing.

Hence, there are a variety of best things to do in your
free time including:

  1. Read
    good things
  2. Writing
    about what you like
  3. Start
    painting or drawing
  4. Try gardening
  5. Observe
    your surroundings
  6. Experiment
    in your kitchen
  7. Start
    exercising or walking
  8. Try
    making jewellery or handicrafts
  9. Learn
  10. Go for
  11. Grow
    your love for photography
  12. Play
    some indoor games
  13. Learn
    a new language
  14. Learn
    to code
  15. Go for
    a solo trip
  16. Start
    dancing or singing
  17. Make
    the best from waste
  18. Clean
    your home
  19. Be a
  20. Do something
    good for someone else

1. Read good things

Reading about good things be it in a
newspaper, magazine, novel or on some online platform, is the best activity you
can do in your free time.

This is because it requires minimum effort and is quite affordable. You can choose to read about someone or something that interests you. For example, is you are a tech lover then you can read about the current technologies, etc. Similarly, if you love cooking or politics you can read content related to it.

2. Writing about what you like

Writing is another interesting way to kill
your free time. Just get a pen, book to write down your thoughts on it.

Also, it is the best way to get your
feelings out and get distressed.

However, if you do not want to write down
about yourself then you can write about someone else’s life or about an event
or cause that you came across.

On the other hand, if you like telling
stories then you can start writing stories. Similarly, you can even write some

Likewise, you can even start writing blogs on a topic of your interest.

3. Start painting or drawing

Not everyone has a hobby of painting or
drawing. But lots of people leave their hobby of painting or drawing due to
work load as they grow up.

So if you are one of those who loved to paint
or draw years back, then this is your chance to restart it again. You can
sketch the face of your beloved one or paint something during your free time. Or
you can also do it for the sake of your happiness.

Also there are lots of tutorials available over the internet to which you can refer.

4. Try gardening

Gardening is another best thing to do in
your free time. It not only kills your free time but is also a way to get some
healthy food and make your surrounding beautiful.

You can grow some flower plants or vegetables
or herbs in your garden.

Besides, if you already have a garden then you can redesign it in your free time.

5. Observe your surroundings

Have you ever noticed the shops, people or
activities going around you?

Perhaps, you never got the time to look
around the small things around you.

Hence, now that you have some free time you can grab this moment to observe the small things around you. You can do this by indulging into some event happening in your area. Or by having a meetup or conversation with your neighbours, etc.

6. Experiment in your kitchen

Do you love cooking or baking? Or do you
like experimenting in your kitchen and trying new languages?

Then make use of your free time and start
experimenting in your kitchen. You can check out the available ingredients in
your kitchen and then search for a new recipe online to make from it. Also if
you like baking then you can spend your time in the kitchen and use different
ways to bake.

Otherwise, you can watch videos or read recipe blogs to enhance your cooking skills.

7. Start exercising or walking

Going for a walk or exercising is another
best thing to do in your free time. There are lots of health benefits of both
of these.

Apart from the health benefits, walking
will help you clear your mind and explore your city.

Similarly, there are lots of benefits of exercising. It will rise your energy levels and make you physically fit.

8. Try making jewellery or handicrafts

This is the best thing to do in your free
time especially if you are an art lover.

You can make some jewellery like anklets,
bracelets, earrings, etc. for yourself or your kids. You can even make some room
or wall decors for your home.

And the best part of these activity is
that you can even sell your makings.

Also, there are lots of videos and blogs available on the internet to guide you. So if you already have some experience of making jewellery or handicrafts then you can enhance your creative skills here.

9. Learn music

If you love music, then you can spend your
free time by learning some new musical instrument.

You can learn any new musical instrument or practice your previous skills and enhance them. And all this can be done by attending some classes with some expert or heading over to some YouTube lessons.

10. Go for fishing

Another best thing to do in your free time
is to go for fishing in a nearby lake or pond. And you can get a fish for
yourself for dinner.

Besides, fishing is the best way to learn
patience. Also it will clear your mind and give you a chance to enjoy the calm
and lovely natural beauty.

Hence, fishing will improve your personal skills and sort out your dinner problems both at one go.

11. Grow your love for photography

Photography is another best thing to do in
your free time which might not cost you even a penny. This is because you do
not require some professional cameras for this. You can just take your
smartphone and start clicking pictures of what so ever thing or person you

Again, if you have some excellent
photography skills then you can even sell the photographs you take on online
sites. So you may even earn some bucks from your hobby.

Moreover, you can also refer to some
expert videos and take your photography skills to the next level.

Besides, if you love modelling then you can grab your free slot to go for a photoshoot as well.

12. Play some indoor games

Indoor games often do not require much
effort. So if you want to do something productive without working hard, then
you should choose to play some indoor games.

You can put your brain to work by playing
a game of chess, cards or solve some puzzles like Sudoku, crossword, etc. Also
these games won’t cost you much. But they will definitely help you improve
concentration, memory and critical thinking skills.

Besides, you won’t even require a partner to accompany you while playing these games. So if you are looking for something to exercise your mind then you should definitely go for this option.

13. Learn a new language

Using your free time to learn new
languages is another best way to put your mind into action. It can help you
understand different cultures and learn about other countries as well.

Also it is not required for you to go out
and attend some expensive language classes. You can make a smart use of your
mobile phones and the internet to learn any new language. There are lots of
applications, tutorials, games and videos available on internet. So you can use
them in your free time and learn whichever language you like.

In addition to this, you may go through newspapers, magazines or watch movies and TV shows in that language.

14. Learn to code

Coding is another great thing to learn in
your free time.

Again, this does not require you to attend
some classes. As a beginner there are lots of free resources available online which
you can refer. For example, you can take up a course to learn programming
languages like Java, C, Python, HTML, Ruby and many more on sites like Code
Academy, Udemy, etc.

In addition to this, once you get proficient in any of the languages you can take up projects and get paid for completing them.

15. Go for a solo trip

Generally, it is hard to get some free
time for yourself from your busy schedule. So another good thing you can do in
your free time is to just pack your bags and go for a solo trip to some good
place or to your dream destination.

The best benefit of going to a solo trip is that you can spend time with your own self and explore the place according to your desire. This will not only relax you but will also give you an out of the world experience. And you will even get a chance to do some new experiment with your life.

16. Start dancing or singing

Dancing or singing are two common hobbies
many people have. But very few people turn these hobbies into their profession.

Dancing is also a good way to exercise and
make your body physically fit. You can learn lots of dance forms including
salsa, Latin, hip hop, etc. during your free time at home.

On the other hand, if you like singing
then you can improve your voice and share it with the world.

Also, there are lots of videos available for dancing and singing lessons. Hence, you can just sit at your home and share your skills with the world.

17. Make the best from waste

We all have heard of recycling things to
make some new and useful things from them. So why not use your free time to
make best from the waste?

You can check out some DIY videos on
YouTube and then add on some creativity from your side to make some beautiful
art. For example, you can use the old plastic bottles to make some room d├ęcor,
egg shells to make an art piece for your sitting room, etc.

So use your creativity and make something beautiful for yourself or your home.

18. Clean your home

When was the last time you tidied up your
room or kitchen or your entire home?

I am sure the answer would be long back.
Because you might have not got time from your busy schedule to maintain your

Now that you have got a free slot from
your busy schedule, the best way to utilize it is by cleaning your home. And
another benefit of this is that it may save you from paying half of your income
to a housekeeper.

Moreover, returning back to a clean home will give you a happy, proud and satisfying feeling. So make proper use of your free time and clean your home.

19. Be a volunteer

Volunteering is the best way to connect
with other people for a good cause. So, in your free time you can choose to
volunteer for a government or private NGO.

Also this is the best possible way to
spread awareness about some good thing among the social evils who are making
fun of the society. By volunteering you can even be part of a good change that
will happen in the society.

Moreover, as a volunteer you may change the life of many people without even knowing it.

20. Do something good for someone else

One of the best thing to do in your free
time is to do something good for someone else.

Well, we often do or buy things for
ourselves but we rarely get something for other people. So when you get some
free time you can opt to do something good for other people rather than just
sticking to your wish list.

For example, you can go for a vacation
with your parents and family, do something good for the poor around you, etc.

This is the best way to learn about the
reality of the world we live in.


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