Best Low Cost and Fun Hobbies to Start Right Away!

Got some
free time to kill? But don’t want to spend a huge amount behind your fun? Then
why not go for some budget-friendly hobbies?

Well, everyone
either has a hobby or is in search of one in order to spend the free time efficiently.
However, lots of hobbies tend to be quite expensive. And thus, not everyone can
be able to afford them.

Besides, there
are lots of inexpensive hobbies that you can try out whenever you are free. Such
hobbies will keep you occupied, entertained and also enhance your life.

Here are
some of the best low cost and fun hobbies that you can start anytime:

  1. DIY
  2. Gardening
  3. Learn something new
  4. Play indoor board games or cards
  5. Knitting
  6. Learn Cooking or baking
  7. Drawing
  8. Attend community events
  9. Investing and budgeting
  10. Volunteer
  11. Start yoga and meditation
  12. Writing or blogging
  13. Dancing
  14. Reading
  15. Learn a new language
  16. Explore your city
  17. Play games online
  18. Learn origami
  19. Surf websites
  20. Learn to code
  21. Listen podcasts
  22. Photography
  23. Mentoring
  24. Collect good things
  25. Watch documentaries

1. DIY

DIY stuffs are quite
interesting and often inexpensive. You can use your creativity to make
something useful from things you have in your house or recycle your old things
and make new and cool things that can be quite helpful.

You may use make presents
for your friends and family members or design something for yourself.

And of course there are
lots of video tutorials, books and online websites available which you can
refer to.  

2. Gardening

Gardening is a popular low
cost hobby that many people have. And this is because it is not only satisfying
but also gives you fresh veggies and flowers at your doorstep.

Besides, along with fun
it gives you some fresh air to breathe. Thus, you can kill your time with some
health benefits.

3. Learn something new

When was the last time you got a chance to learn something

Probably you were too busy with your work or studies to try
something new. So grab this spare time of yours and learn something new. Just
choose a category like science, oceans, universe, films, or anything that
interests you and Google about it.

This will increase your knowledge on things that you are
passionate about.

4. Play indoor board games or cards

One of the best low cost and fun hobby is to play games. And
that too indoor board games or card games are ever entertaining ones.

Such games can be played in the evening with your friends or
family. Also if you do not have any board game or card deck, then you can get
one at a very low cost from a nearby game store.

5. Knitting

Another hobby that you can go for at a very low cost is
knitting. It is the best way to pass your time and make yourself happier.

Besides, you can even make money from this hobby of yours. You can knit clothes for yourself or knit birthday presents for other people. And the best part is that you can even try this while going for a long journey on a train or by car.

6. Learn Cooking or baking

Cooking is another popular and useful hobby which many people
have. Cooking and baking are two best ways to invest your time in something

Also you need not put much effort in learning any of these.
There are lots of video tutorials and cook books available from which you can
learn to cook or bake like a pro.

Moreover, both of these require normal ingredients which you might already have at your home or buy from some nearby market. And that means you get fresh homemade food at a very low cost.

7. Drawing

Since childhood many of us love to express our thoughts by
drawing them down. And this is why lots of people have the hobby of drawing. You
can choose anything you are comfortable with like sketching, doodling or
painting, etc. to express yourself in an artistic manner.

Besides, drawing is really enjoyable if you have some creative mind. And it is also quite inexpensive.

8. Attend community events

Sometimes it feels great to be a part of some good social
activity or to attend some sort of useful event by your community.

Generally, government or local organisations arrange meeting
or events that are open to all. You may even attend something like this to
increase your social presence as well as your knowledge.

And you can get information of such events or meeting through social media accounts or by reaching to your community’s homepage.

9. Investing and budgeting

Another extremely
beneficious and best hobby is to learn investing your money and setting a
proper budget.

No matter how much you
are earning today it is always a good thing to frame a proper budget. And
invest some good portion of your income for future needs.

Also you can just invest
a small amount of your income on a rewarding plan after doing some deep research.

Similarly, by setting a proper budget you can again save your money. And later on use that to get something bigger and expensive for yourself.

10. Volunteer

There can be no better
satisfaction apart from the one you get after doing something good for someone.
Hence, volunteering is another best hobby that you can do whenever you get some
spare time.

You can join some NGO or some local institution and raise your voice to fight for the animals, environment or human rights. Thus, you will be able to benefit many other people and spend your time meaningfully.

11. Start yoga and meditation

Nowadays, lots of people
have started to practice yoga and meditation no matter what their religion is.
And the main reason behind this is its benefits.

Both yoga and meditation
have unbelievable benefits on your mental and physical health. And you can
start both of them without even spending an extra single penny on it. As both
can be easily practiced at your home according to your convenience.

However, you can refer to a couple of videos over the internet before starting it.

12. Writing or blogging

Writing is probably the most
fun and low cost hobby that you can start. As it requires just a pen or pencil
and paper to get started. You can write your views on any niche that you like
including technology, science, comedy, maths, motivation, cooking, business,

Additionally, you can even start writing blogs and share your views with a huge number of people through internet.

13. Dancing

This hobby not only kills
your time but also makes you physically fit. And you can do this at a very low cost.

There are video tutorials through which you can learn new moves or start even from scratch. Also you can post your own videos on YouTube and make money from your hobby.

14. Reading

Reading is a popular and
best low cost hobby that requires very less effort also. It is the best way to
exercise your mind and expand your knowledge as well.

You can choose to read
about the fictional world, autobiography, politics, sports, business, or
anything that you are passionate about. And the best way to get this done at a
low cost is to become a member of your local library. As they will give you a
wide range of options to choose from at zero cost.

However, there are also various online sites that provide e-books which you can read on your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

15. Learn a new language

Learning a new language
is another best low cost and fun hobby that you can opt for. As there are
various free resources available online you won’t have to spend money to learn
a new language.

Just download podcasts
and listen to them when you are free. And soon you will be able to speak a new

Besides, you can even take help from online applications and experts. To increase your learning speed.

16. Explore your city

Have you ever used your
time to explore your city?

If not, then you should
do it soon. It feels extremely fascinating to explore the streets, shops,
market, tunnels, bridges, etc. of the place you live in. You can check out the famous
attractions or spend your time learning about the history of your city.

And you will soon realise that you had ignored lots of the great and beautiful things of the city you live in.   

17. Play games online

If you do not want to
step out of your house or are feeling extremely lazy to do something, then you
can start playing some online game. There are various websites that let you
play popular games for free against yourself or another player.

Hence, you can check out such websites to find out a game of your interest and play it anytime.

18. Learn origami

This beautiful art hobby
can help you produce some lovely decorations for your house and help you spend
your free time productively.

And of course it might look difficult at the beginning but after learning its tricks it becomes way easier to do it. So if you are looking out for something creative to do then you should definitely try this.

19. Surf websites

Surfing websites is
actually fun as you get to learn about new and exciting things. There are lots
of things you can do on internet like watch YouTube videos, read stories, go
through blogs, fill in surveys, find a forum, play games and much more.

And all these can be done at a very low cost. Hence, you can use your free time to extend your knowledge on things that you like.

20. Learn to code

Coding is a fun job to
do. All it requires is a laptop or PC with an internet connection to download
the tools. And also with lots of free resources available nowadays, it has
become even easier to learn it.

There are video tutorials on YouTube as well as courses available on a number of websites like udemy, coursera, etc. from which you can learn to code for free. Besides, this hobby can even land you an excellent job opportunity.

21. Listen podcasts

Listening to podcasts is
another awesome hobby to adopt. There are lots of podcasts in all the
categories namely comedy podcasts, educational podcasts, podcasts with
celebrities, etc. which you can download or watch online as you like. And spend
your free time effectively.

22. Photography

One of the cheapest and
best low cost hobbies is photography. You can click some stunning clicks with
just with your mobile phone and even make money from it. Also loads of free
photography tutorials and online applications are available to help you out.

Hence, if you are looking for some money making hobby then you can definitely consider this one.

23. Mentoring

Mentoring is a great way to utilize your spare time if you are an expert. You can share your knowledge with others to help them with their problems. This way you can improve your knowledge as well as help others.

24. Collect good things

Collecting things can be
quite interesting and is also inexpensive (depending up on what you are
collecting). You can make a valuable collection of coins, comics, games,
clothes, etc.

Also you can collect unique things like rocks to make your collection even more interesting. And you can make your home look even more lovely by decorating it with some amazing collection of yours.

25. Watch documentaries

Another great way to
spend your time is by watching documentaries on TV channels, online websites or
even YouTube based on various subjects like history or oceans. Or you can even
watch the biography of your favourite actor, politician, sportsperson, author
or musician.

Hence you can spend your free time as
well as get some inspiration from through these movies.  


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