women applying moisturizer on her hands which is the best moisturizer in 2020

Some people may get a little cringy when they hear the word ‘moisture’ but for many ‘moisture’ is something from which skincare begins.  Just as water is important for our bodies to stay hydrated, moisturizers are equally important for the skin. No one would appreciate a dull, flakey skin rather everyone wants healthy, glowing skin. So we come up with the best moisturizers in 2020 because moisturizers are a big Yes for your everyday skincare routine.

Now what are moisturizers?  These are cosmetic preparations used for
softening or soothing the skin. They prevent the evaporation of water from the
skin; thereby protecting and lubricating the skin. They are undoubtedly
important for all skin types, be it oily, dry or combination skin types. So now
the question arises that what kind of moisturizer will suit your skin. So for
that first you need to be aware the various categories of moisturizers.

Different types of moisturizers available:

  • The Moisture Absorbers:

They draw water to the skin cells to
keep skin hydrated and can be used by all skin types. Natural humectants
include honey, aloe Vera gel etc.

  • The Space Fillers: Emollients

Emollients are usually oil-based and fill in any spaces or gaps between skin cells that are missing moisturizing lipids. These work best for extremely dry, dehydrated mature skin that needs serious moisture. Few examples include Shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, beeswax, etc.

  • The Skin ‘Glue’: Ceramides

It replenishes the
skin with lost ceramides and is best for normal and combination skin types.

  • The Moisture Sealers:

Occlusives are heavy
in nature and
douse the skin in
moisture; usually recommended more for body and not for face.

Best face moisturizers 2020:

  • For
    oily skin

The problem with oily skin is that the face starts producing too much oil but that doesn’t mean you won’t apply a moisturizer. It is important to preserve some of the natural oils of the skin. Excessive usage of oil clearing products can actually damage the skin leading to redness and more breakouts. So the goal is to find a perfect moisturizer and here follows a list of best moisturizers in 2020:

  1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel:  This product is loved by dermatologists as it is non-comedogenic and oil-free. It contains glycerin and hyaluronic acid, which are both humectants, so they can hydrate the skin without making it heavy.
  2. Cetaphil PRO Oil Absorbing Moisturizer SPF 30: It offers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, absorbs surface oil, reduces shine, and creates a matte finish. Silica is one of the key ingredients.
  3. Olay CC Cream Tone Correcting Moisturizer: It contains niacinamide, or vitamin B3; an anti-inflammatory which helps to absorb sebum and strengthens the skin barrier.
  4. Origins Zero Oil Oil-Free Moisture Lotion: Enriched with salicylic acid and silica, ithelps in clearing skin and reducing oil.  It’s not completely oil-free, but it’s free from mineral oil, though it still contains a handful of essential oils.
  5. La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat Anti-Shine Face Moisturizer for Oily Skin: It targets the excess facial oils and leaves the skin matte, all while delivering moisture. This non-comedogenic moisturizer also works as a great base for makeup. 
  6. Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer: This product claims to be silicon free and it provides controlled hydration and reduces acne and pimples to give you clear skin.
  7. Himalaya Herbals Oil Free Radiance Gel Cream: It is lightweight and gently hydrates your skin giving it an oil-free radiance. It is enriched with herbal extracts that nourishes your skin and keeps it healthy.
  8. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil free Moisturizer: This face moisturizer provides 24-hour hydration without clogging your skin pores and its fast-absorbing formula leaves your skin soft and smooth with regular usage.
  9. Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Oil free Moisturizer: This product is infused with AHA and milk enzymes and it rejuvenates and nourishes the skin. Also it has an anti-inflammatory effect on your skin and is extremely gentle.
  10.  Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Daily Face Care Lotion: This product is one of the best moisturizers in 2020 which contains kaolin clay extracts that absorb excess oil; gives a non- greasy and matte effect. It also helps to balance the moisture level of your skin so that it doesn’t feel dry.

  • For Dry Skin

People with dry skin face different sets of problems; the skin becomes flaky or scaly, dry, red sometimes and appears dull. So they need really good moisturizers that will hydrate the skin deeply and also last for a longer duration. There are a plethora of ingredients that offer a hefty dose of moisture while soothing the skin but you need to find out which one works the best for your skin. Below is a list of best moisturizers in 2020 for dry skin:

  1. Vichy Aqualia
    Thermal Rich Cream Face Moisturizer:
    It has a thicker, creamier consistency and contains hyaluronic
    acid and is a powerful humectant. Plus it contains emollients like Shea butter
    which is a great source of moisture.
  2. Weleda Skin Food
    Original Ultra-Rich Cream
    : It has been praised as an all-around excellent moisturizer which contains
     blend of natural oils and goes on greasier, so it’s best for winter, but
    also adds a natural glow to skin.
  3. Dr. Roebuck’s No
    Worries Hydrating Face Moisturizer
    : It is
    infused with oils like rose hip and macadamia, it
    may feel too greasy in summer, but it’s ideal for cooler months. This product
    also contains hyaluronic acid for extra hydration, which works wonders for the
    plumpness of skin.
  4. Cetaphil
    Moisturizing Lotion
    : It prevents dehydration while smoothing the skin with its
    ingredients, vitamin E and B5; and can be used in summer months without making
    the skin feel greasy or sticky.
  5. SkinBetter Science
    Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment
    : It’s
    an amazing product for dry skin as it contains
    emollients and ceramides that support the skin barrier and help with the
    plumpness of skin. It happens to be an excellent hydrator for warm summer
  6. Biotique Bio Wheat
    Germ Youthful Nourishing Night Cream:
    It has a unique formula that
    keeps your skin youthful and prevents aging. Apart from moisturization, this
    cream strengthens your skin for a more youthful, glowing and younger
  7. VLCC Honey Moisturizer: Powered with the goodness of honey
    extracts and essential oils of jojoba, almond, and olive, this product provides
    intense hydration, nourishment and rejuvenates dry skin.
  8. Lotus Herbal Sheamoist Moisturizer: This product is enriched with shea
    butter and real strawberry; provides 24 hour moisture and is a complete
    solution for dehydrated skin. Strawberry is a rich antioxidant that helps to
    soothe and tone your skin along with a radiant glow.
  9. Plum Hello Aloe Caring Day Moisturizer: It contains pure organic aloe juice and is
    fortified with vitamin E; this makes a unique combination and delivers
    intense hydration to the skin. It is non- greasy and is a very mild day cream.
  10.  The Body Shop Vitamin C
    Glow Boosting Moisturizer:
    Fed up of dull skin? Then this is the ultimate solution for you. Infused with juicy Amazonian camu camu berries, this
    product energizes your skin making it glowing and brighter.

  • For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin may not always mean a dermatological issue, but it means skin that may have a higher tendency to react than average. This is due to a weaker skin barrier, which allows irritants and causes redness, irritation, itching and other skin problems. Choosing moisturizers for such skin types is a difficult thing because most of the moisturizers contain sulfates, alcohol, preservatives, dyes, or fragrances which are skin irritants. Here are the best moisturizers in 2020 mentioned which have been approved by experts for sensitive skin.

  1. Aveeno Ultra-Calming
    Nourishing Night Cream
    : This is an oil-free and fragrance-free
    formula which reduces skin irritation. It is non-comedogenic; won’t clog pores
    and soothes skin inflammation.
  2. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15: This
    miraculous oil-free
    moisturizer from Neutrogena has a sheer, lightweight formula; contains glycerin
    which boosts moisture and SPF 15 for sun protection. This product has been
    praised from users all over.
  3. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer SPF
    It contains thermal spring water that soothes inflamed skin and
    promotes a healthy skin microbiome, along with glycerin and vitamin B for a
    smooth, moisturized and glowing skin.
  4. SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 : This
    product is a great pick because itcontains natural fats that
    help repair the outer skin layer. The formula also replenishes the skin with
    vitamin E, essential oils, a ceramide, and glycerin to boost moisture, smooth
    skin texture, and protect against harmful free radicals that may damage the
    skin even further.
  5. Kama Ayurveda Sensitive Skin Day Cream: Another
    great moisturizer for your sensitive skin; this product contains flower oil that calms the inflamed skin and
    brightens it. Cornstarch and beetroot extract along with sandalwood oil present
    makes it perfect for winter season too. It is fully organic and
    dermatologically tested.

  • For Combination Skin

If you have a combination skin type, you must be experiencing excessive oils near the T- zone, and dryness around the cheeks. Finding a perfect skincare product for such skin types can be extremely challenging. You need a moisturizer that won’t clog your pores or make the skin oily; on the other hand, it won’t dry out the skin. The product has to be oil-free, lightweight and non- comedogenic yet providing moisture and nourishment to the skin. To solve your nightmares of getting a perfect moisturizer for combination skin here is the list of best moisturizers in 2020:

  1. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Unisex:  This is an oil-free facial moisturizer that
    absorbs quickly and works by softening and improving the skin leaving it well
    hydrated, healthy and glowing. It does not contain skin irritants and consists
    of vegan products.
  2. Neutrogena Oil- free Moisture, Combination Skin: This is a lightweight
    formula that addresses the dry areas of the skin while at the same time
    controlling the oily and shiny areas of your face. It gets absorbed very fast
    and provides a soothing effect.
  3. Pevonia Botanica Balancing Combination skin cream:
    The goal of this product is to make the skin appear brighter, younger and
    healthier. It controls the oiliness of the skin, especially on the T-zone and
    its cucumber extracts that help to soothe the skin and keep it soft and
  4. Bare Minerals Smart
    Combination Lightweight Emulsion:
    An amazing product for
    combination skin, it has an intuitive mineral moisture technology to replenish
    the skin leaving it feeling fresh and smooth. It is also infused with rich
    ceramides and peptides that help in preventing the appearance of fine lines and
  5. Garnier Skin Active
    Moisture Rescue Face Moisturizer:
    This is also another great
    product that might help you as its formula includes vitamin C & E and
    antioxidant fruit water that helps to refresh and hydrate the skin throughout
    the day. This product will protect your skin from external aggressors such as
    pollution and daily stress.

So these were some
appreciable moisturizers for the different skin types which are undoubtedly
worthy in their respective areas. Now here are few moisturizing body lotions
which are equally fabulous in their zones.

  1. Nivea Nourishing Body Milk: This product has always remained trustworthy and
    definitely happens to be one of the best moisturizers available. Its
    lightweight, non-greasy and budget friendly as well.
  2. Himalaya Herbals Cocoa Butter Intensive Body
    : It contains wheat
    germ oil and cocoa butter along with olive oil and grape seed oil that work
    together to soften and smoothen your skin and provides a great fragrance.
  3. Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Lotion with Shea
    Butter and Warm Vanilla
    Its rich blend of nourishing cream and shea butter deeply moisturizes dry skin
    and indulges you with soft glowing skin.
  4. Biotique Bio Wintercherry Rejuvenating Body
    : This herbal
    formula is a blend of pure winter cherry, sunflower, safflower, musk root, and
    almond oil and makes your skin so smooth and soft that you will fall in love
    with your skin and this product for sure.
  5. Nykaa Wanderlust Body Lotion- Japanese Cherry
    : It has a moisture locking formula and is infused with lotus and
    watermelon seed extracts which gives your skin the perfect radiance and
    suppleness. It’s a treat for your skin!

These were the best moisturizers of 2020 that can help you deal with your skin problems in all seasons. Your skin deserves this treat of comfort and wellbeing. Try these out and rediscover your love for your skin also check out our post on the best clever beauty tips that you must know.


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