Best Ways to Prepare For a Global Pandemic

best ways to prepare for a global pandemic

There is no shortage of news from all kinds of sources about the novel Covid-19. With the rise in the number of cases and its spread, people seem to have gotten into a frenzy. Instead of focusing to prepare for a global pandemic or a possible lockdown, there is panic everywhere.

We are asking you to stop and read this article, if you want to get it together, because the best way to cope with this is by preparing for it.

best ways to prepare for a global pandemic

The 2 Week Rule

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the words 'pandemic' and 'lockdown' is stockpiling food. And in that moment of impulse we resort to hoarding food supplies.

The only rational way to stockpile food, is by following the 2 week rule.

Make sure you have the basics; oil, rice, wheat flour, salt, spices and sugar, eggs, milk or non-dairy substitute. You cannot cook your basic meals without oil or seasoning, hence buy enough to last you for 2 weeks. DO NOT hoard these items and make it difficult for others. Next, shop for items that are secondary to the basics; that is, not as crucial as your basics, but will help a lot in efficiently surviving the next 2 weeks.

Example, jam, pickles, bread, protein based food like spinach, fish, white meat etc. In terms of vegetables, tomatoes, bell peppers and potatoes are top priority. They are versatile and can last you long enough.

Water is the most basic and crucial necessity, hence stock up on it based on the number of people and pets in your household. Don't forget to stock up on pet food and medical supplies as well.

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Medical Supplies and Toiletries

Keep in mind that there are others in dire need of these supplies too and make wise decisions about buying them. You do not need bucket loads of shampoo, soap or body wash. A 200ml bottle can last you for weeks.

And switch from soap to body wash, because it is far more hygienic in the current situation.

Do not buy more than you actually need. Especially when it comes to toilet paper. Stick to the 2 week rule for the same.

It is also important to keep a stock of sanitary napkins, tissues, contraceptives and basic antibiotics.

Keep Yourself Updated

It is very important to stay informed by reliable sources. Fact based updates serve as strong Intel and hence you can have clarity of the situation. Your decisions are included by the news, therefore it is crucial to rely on the right source. Stray away from misleading information by relying on websites of health agencies like Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO). Follow your most sensible local news channel to understand the situation and access the risks in your district, state or country.

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Cooperate with the government to wisely prepare for a global pandemic

Once the virus arrives in your vicinity, it becomes the responsibility of every individual to follow the instructions of the government in order to minimize the risk and spread of Coronavirus.

Follow all isolation or quarantine protocols. Do not risk yourself or others by stepping outside.

If you have arrived home from another state/country, quarantine yourself for 14 days in your room or house. Do not risk the lives of others and try to avoid a possible lockdown.

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Hygiene Practices

Last but not the least and in fact the most important protocol to follow to prepare for a pandemic and a possible lockdown; hygiene practices. The corona virus is a respiratory illness, however, unlike the misconception, it is not an airborne disease. It can spread if the body fluids of the infected enter into a healthy body. It also sticks on surfaces rather stubbornly.

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To reduce the risk of getting infected, one must strictly practice hand washing. Another major practice is social distancing. Social distancing can help curve your way around the pandemic. And it is the responsibility of every citizen to practice strict hygiene policies.


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